MMC and GMAC partnership


Memorandum of Understanding

Between  The Melbourne Mining Club (MMC) and The Global Mining Association of China (GMAC)

The Melbourne Mining Club, founded in 2001, is a not-for-profit organisation formed to promote the minerals industry and is Australia’s premier forum for the promotion of the Australian resources sector.
It is based in Melbourne, the Hub of the Australian mining sector.

GMAC is the representative body for both companies and individuals within the international mining community in China. GMAC’s main goals focus on Advocacy, Networking, Representation and Support of its members in the international mining community in China.


MMC and GMAC recognise the long history of mining in Australia and China, the strong relationship and mutual respect between resources professionals of the two countries, and the considerable advantage of having strong and constructive dialogue between all levels of the industry in Australia and China.

The MOU recognises the close trade relations between China and Australia and that the mining sector has been the most significant contributor to that strong trading relationship.

MMC and GMAC have consistent goals to boost the broad mining industry in both countries for the mutual benefit of the industry globally as well as in their respective country.

Pictured below signing the MOU, Richard Morrow, Chairman of the Melbourne Mining Club and Peter Arkell, Chairman of the Global Mining Association of China.