Vale John Reynolds AM

John Reynolds AM, a true veteran of the Australian and Victorian mining industries, passed away, aged 98, on 8 August 2020.

A metallurgist who evolved into senior management and administration, John’s professional years were spent with companies including Consolidated Zinc (CRA) and WMC which he joined in 1972 and left due to ‘retirement’ in 1986. John, of course, did not retire, and he formed what became known as the Victorian Chamber of Mines. Today, it is better known as the Minerals Council of Australia, Victorian Division. John was a true and innovative leader; one of our finest clear thinkers – something for which he was often consulted, especially in the formation years of the Melbourne Mining Club. He was a regular attendee at MMC events, and was a valued guide through the first 20 years of our Club.

John is survived by his wife Frances and their two children Bill and Pam. Vale John Reynolds AM.